For this project we worked together with BUILT, a national construction company, to provide them with a large suite of imagery of their new construction project at St Clare’s college located in Canberra.

This new project needed to be photographed before hand over to the college so we had a very tight turnover and managed to get interior and exterior shots during daytime and dusk within 3 days, including the drone imagery.


There were 3 main areas of focus that were targeted to showcase not only the exterior, but also the the detail areas within the interior. There was also a focus on the heart of the building the control power room station located on the roof.


All angles of the building photographed during daytime and dusk. Rain or shine the images needed to be taken before handover, leaving us 1 day in hand.


We decided that we needed some drone shots due to the interesting angles only able to capture from a higher point of view.


All angles and rooms over 3 floors needed to be photographed as requested by Built.

3D Walkthrough

Once the interior was filled with furniture, we managed to organised with the college to use our specialised camera the Matterport to capture the whole interior from ground to 3rd floor, allowing the viewer to walk through all areas in a 360° perspective.

A great outcome that produced a large suite of flexible imagery for many purposes that can be used for many years.

By being flexible and understanding the time limits and possible weather constraints, Eddison Photographic Studios was able to produce the kind of photographs that would allow Built to showcase their capabilities in finishes and construction.


Using our expertise, we managed to capture the best possible light to achieve different look and feel of the building during different times.

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