Wildlife Drones


Wildlife Drones

For this project we worked together with WILDLIFE DRONES, a leader in drone radio-telemetry systems, to provide them with large a suite of imagery to use for all their marketing and promotional purposes.

Over a 4 day shoot, we created a large library of images which they have used for print material, social media and website. Product photos were taken in studio, while the rest of the imagery was in workshop, as well as on location in typical use cases.


There were 4 main areas of focus that were targeted to showcase not only the products, but also the company and it’s people. We also showed the drones in various use cases, highlighting the capabilities of what the company had to offer.


Detailed product and component photos were taken, allowing the product to speak for itself.


The technology images, showcase product details, as well as the companys’ focus on industry knowledge. These images highlight the in-house capabilities of the company, and the team behind it.


Staff images were taken both individually as well as a team. The images are on location, in their ‘natural habitat’, rather than in studio.

In Action

Showing the products and people ‘at work’, highlighted the technologies abilities. These images are most widely used across various marketing platforms. Using our own drone, we were able to capture some great images of the Wildlife Drones in action.

A great outcome that produced a large suite of flexible imagery for many purposes, that can be used for many years.

By being flexible and understanding the project, Eddison Photographic Studios was able to produce the kind of photographs that would allow Wildlife Drones to showcase their products, technology and capabilities.


Using our expertise, we found perfect locations to best show the products and people. Which in turn allowed us to produce eye-catching imagery that can be used for a variety of possibilities.


Now that a style of imagery has been created, Eddison Photographic Studios will ensure that any future imagery will have the same look and feel. This will enable Wildlife Drones, to simply add to this collection rather than have the need to reshoot, saving both time and money.

Let’s work together to achieve the best outcome for your photoshoot.